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Development Tools & Utilities

uBug12JE GUI 
uBug12 Java Edition is a free multi-platform program by David Armstrong and Technological Arts that talks to the Serial Monitor loaded onto each NanoCore12 module.  It provides an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface for erasing and programming flash memory in the module.  Simple debugging commands and a disassembler are also implemented.  No matter which language you choose to write your programs in, this is a handy program for downloading the resulting s-record files to your NanoCore12’s program memory.  This edition can be hosted on Linux, Mac OS X, and any version of Windows.

Command line tool ‘hcs12mem’
hcs12mem is free, open source software, released under GPL license by Michał Konieczny for working with memory on HCS12 chips (using the serial monitor or a BDM pod for erasing, programming, protecting, etc.). It can run under FreeBSD, GNU/linux, other unix-like systems, and MS Windows (as native win32 binary, without cygwin).

binload for DOS
binload is a free Win32 application by Karl Lunt that provides a DOS-style window and command prompt.  It interfaces to the target over a COM port at 115K baud and is compatible with the Freescale Serial Monitor.  Using binload commands, you can reset the target, erase flash memory, load one or more S19 files into memory, read/write bytes or words on the target, and more.  It is intended solely for 9S12C32 targets.

BinLoad for Linux
This is a free front-end for the Serial Monitor, written by Chase Douglas

NoICE12 debugger (Windows)
This powerful debugger can be used with NanoCore12’s on-chip Serial Monitor or with a BDM pod, such as the Technological Arts MicroBDM12LX.  Supports C source-level debugging with CodeWarrior, ImageCraft, and SynCode.

AS12 Assembler (DOS) from Karl Lunt was created from the C sourcecode provided by Freescale

AsmIDE by Eric Engler includes an improved version of AS12

HSW12 for Linux by Dirk Heisswolf

MiniIDE Integrated Development Environment.  This is a freeware application for Windows and comes with assemblers for  HC11 (ASM11) and HC12/HCS12 (ASM12) that support conditional assembly and macros. Also offered are command line versions for Linux and HP-UX.

BASIC Compiler:
SBASIC is a free DOS-based compiler created by Karl Lunt.  It is easy to use and includes a very well-written manual.  SBASIC works with HC11, HC12/HCS12.  Here are Libraries and Example Code for SBASIC created or modified specifically for NanoCore12.  The Seattle Robotics Society newsletter, The Encoder, has many good articles and code examples for SBASIC, for HC11 and HC12. Note:  the use of SBASIC is restricted by its author to non-commercial applications only (i.e. hobby and educational)!

 nqBASIC is a free modern, object-based programming environment custom-designed for NanoCore12.  Go to for details and downloads.

C Compilers:
SynCode: IDE and GNU C Compiler
is a free Windows-based application from Feaser which supports project development in C using the open source GNU compiler.  It includes support for CodeWarrior, NoICE12 debugger, and BDM pods.

EmbeddedGNU for Windows was written by the late Eric Engler, as an open-source freeware IDE for GNU C.

Code Warrior Special Edition is a free version of the commercial product made by Metrowerks (owned by Freescale).  It is a Windows application, and is limited to 32K of C source code (unlimited Assembler).  If you choose to use CW, be sure to visit Freescale's CodeWarrior Learning Center.

ImageCraft ICCV7 for CPU12 is a commercial compiler for Windows made by ImageCraft.  It has a fully-functional demo which expires 45 days after installation. Other licensing options are available from

Third-party Notes & Examples:
Using the AS12 Assembler is an excellent web-based manual created by David Duguid, of the University of Regina

Using the GNU Development Tools for 68HC12 is a web-based tutorial by Stephane Carrez of Free Software Foundation

HCS12 Application Notes for ICC and GNU C Compilers by Lin Zhao, of Indiana State University

Using CodeWarrior:
- Get Started With CodeWarrior by Technological Arts

- Metrowerks Setup for 9S12C32 by University of Texas, Austin

University of Texas Course Notes & Examples:
A complete set of lab manuals and C code examples using NanoCore12DX from Prof. Jonathan Valvano, University of Texas at Austin.

FreeRTOS for 9S12C32:
FreeRTOS is a portable, open source, mini Real Time Kernel - a free to download and royalty free RTOS that can be used in commercial applications.
Here is a port of FreeRTOS to ImageCraft’s C compiler, by customer Rob Milne.

EEPROM Emulation for the MC9S12C32 by Freescale

C Example for NC12DXC32 (a.k.a. M68DKIT912C32) of a traffic light controller by Lin Zhao, of Indiana State University

68HC12 Assembly Programming is an excerpt from Han-Way Huang’s excellent book entitled MC68HC12: An Introduction (see Books, below).


TeraTerm Pro is a free terminal program for Windows that is easier to use and better than HyperTerminal.

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